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Chicago's german beer hall

est. 2013

The Radler is a German beer hall created by owner Adam Hebert. The beer hall is a tribute to his German heritage and travels abroad.  Wanting to embrace the German culture rather than highlight a few distinct features, The Radler team successfully delivers and authentic modern day German experience.    

The word "radler" in the German language, is used as a slang term, to identify an individual who rides his or her bike on a regular basis. It is also the name of a popular beverage consisting of 1 part beer and 1 part lemon lime soda. The beverage was developed for those Radler's who enjoyed a drink or two.

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A Radler himself, Adam's great great grandfather, Adam Bach, moved to Chicago from Germany in the late 1800s. Working in bicycle shops in Germany Adam Bach decided to open his own shop on 18th street. After opening the storefront, a good friend of his, Ignaz Schwinn, sent him a bicycle as a gift. That bicycle was the first Schwinn Bike to be sent to the US.  Adam asked him to send more to sell in his shop. Ignaz did and within a few years bike sales were going so well Ignaz moved to Chicago and started a manufacturing and distribution center. He invited Adam to join in the endeavor and work for him building bike. Adam Bach closed the shop and moved to Logan Square to be near the Schwinn factory near Armitage and Kostner.


The large open space, reminiscent of a Bavarian beer hall, was designed and built by Adam Hebert with the help of close friends and family. The tables chairs and bar stools were built from Tennessee White Oak by Hebert's dad.  The clocks were modeled after 18th century Gustav Becker clocks, and pay homage to Hebert's grandfather who built clocks as a hobby. The bicycle sculpture at the front entrance was built by Hebert's uncle Andrew Arvanetes



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