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Chicago's german beer hall

est. 2013

The Radler is a German beer hall by Adam Hebert. Hebert, wanting to support local breweries, has teamed up with Metropolitan Brewing who is exclusively brewing our house pilsner and hefeweizen. Other collaborations with smaller micro-breweries are in effect to support the vintage and aged beer program. The Radler has a definitive vision as to where German food has been and where the boundaries are set and we will break the mold.

the Space

The mural on the back bar was uncovered during demolition and was an advertisement for Bohemian Export Beer. The beer was brewed by West Side Brewing Co. and was only on the market for 10 years, from 1881-1890. The brewery was founded by German immigrant Conrad Seipp. During the time it was open, the West Side Brewery was one of the largest producers in the U.S.A. The brewery also produced about eight other beers as well as the Bohemian. The mural was also painted by Thomas Cusak Company. The company painted many of the advertising murals around Chicago during that time frame. It was also one of the last murals that they painted at street level, soon after Thomas decided to paint on higher elevations to make them more easily seen.

The Clocks were custom designed and built for The Radler. The bar was designed to allow the mural to show through but also give the room a grandious feel. They were modeled after the famous Bavarian clock maker Gustav Becker's clocks from the 1800's.  They are also an homage to Hebert's German grandfather who built and repaired clocks.



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